(UPDATE) The Details of Epstein’s Death Reveal More Than Just a Coward

In what Manhattan Jail officials are calling a suicide by hanging, accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is dead. The 66-year-old was found unresponsive in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 10th and died at the hospital shortly thereafter.

The well-connected millionaire was awaiting trial for allegedly sex-trafficking young girls for his own amusement and for that of his friends. Among them are well-known political and business figures who he had been incriminating in recent weeks as he cooperated with prosecutors.

Reports of Epstein’s suicide attempt in July had prompted a suicide watch for him, but he was no longer on the watch at the time of his death. Considering the charges Epstein was facing, and the fact that he had already attempted suicide once, one has to wonder what prompted the end of a suicide watch status. He was also supposed to have a cellmate and be checked on every 30 minutes — again, this didn’t happen. Reports indicate Epstein’s cellmate was moved on Friday, just hours before he died. No reason for the removal was given.

Not surprisingly at all, Epstein’s comes the day after court documents a lawsuit against him were unsealed. The documents revealed the details of the lawsuit and included multiple high profile names in connection with sexual allegations. A former governor, two princes, a prime minister and a host of other names of very powerful people were revealed in the report.

Of course, with Epstein’s close relationship with the Clintons, whose enemies seem to prefer to die by “suicide,” and the amount of evidence he had against so many people, it makes you wonder just how much of a role Epstein played in his own death. Apparently, the FBI has similar questions as they are investigating the incident.

In addition, one account by a former anonymous inmate alleged that from rubber pencils to sheets that are only as strong as paper, Epstein must have had assistance in harming himself in that specific cell, if the act was not an outright murder. Coincidentally, there are no cameras that monitor inside inmate cells, only public areas in and around the facility.

An autopsy has been performed, but the final results have not been released at this time.

We will update this story as it develops.

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