Breaking! Trump Fires Over 50 Missiles on Syria While Russia Threatens U.S.

US Flags Beside Battleship
US Flags Beside Battleship

Earlier today we shared a story with you concerning Trump’s response to the chemical attack on the children of Syria. At the time, President Trump refused to reveal any details, but made it clear that the cruel act of harming children in this way crossed more than one line with him. “Horrible,” he repeated over and over.
And tonight, President Trump did what many Americans have been wishing someone would do for a long time. More than 50 Tomahawk missiles were launched from U.S. Navy destroyers, aimed directly at Shayrat Airbase, where the chemical attack most likely originated.

Meanwhile, Russia offered thinly veiled warnings, urging President Trump to consider the consequences of such an attack. Specifically, it was suggested that the weight of such a decision and the consequences that would follow fall on the one who makes the first strike. In turn, Trump has called on the civilized world to join him in cleaning up the mess that is Syria and finally, it has been suggested that President Bashar al-Assad might not be fit to rule.
He fired chemical weapons on his own people… on women and children. Not fit to rule? If this doesn’t make that clear, what on Earth could?
President Trump may not be the most eloquent speaker. He may have made a few social media blunders and not everyone understands his methodology in cleaning up the swamp, but let’s just call it what it is. Americans in general just breathed a long-held collective sigh of relief to see that while other leaders are busy wading through the bureaucratic bullsh*t to figure out exactly what they should do… President Trump, less than six months in office, just pulled the trigger, almost literally.
Tonight, regardless of Russia’s threats, it feels pretty good to be an American.