Breakthrough Alzheimer’s Discovery Could Lead to New Treatment

Breakthrough Alzheimer's Discovery Could Lead to New Treatment

( – It’s always difficult when your loved ones are sick, but it’s even more devastating to watch them fade away in front of you with a disease like Alzheimer’s. In the past, a diagnosis meant little hope. Still, over the years, researchers have discovered more about the condition, hopefully leading to an effective treatment one day — and possibly even a cure. A recent breakthrough is now making this look more likely.

Australian scientists have made a discovery that could change the lives of many Alzheimer’s patients: a likely cause of the disease. Through a study of the blood-brain barrier, researchers found an abundance of toxic fat-protein complexes in the blood may be to blame. They tested the theory on a control group of mice, confirming their thesis.

When there’s too much of the protein in the blood, it leaks into the brain, causing the deadly buildup of beta-amyloid, synonymous with Alzheimer’s. Using this information, researchers think it might be possible to slow the progression of the disease drastically through a change in diet or specific drugs that target the amyloid.

Currently, more than 6 million people suffer the effects of Alzheimer’s in the US. Researchers project the number to increase to 13.8 million by 2060 without any medical breakthroughs or intervention. By identifying the source and developing treatments, we’ll likely gain more valuable time with our loved ones in the future.

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