Breakthrough COVID Cases Force Harvard’s Hand

Breakthrough COVID Cases Force Harvard's Hand

( – Harvard is one of the many universities around the country requiring all students and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccine to attend on-campus classes. Despite its strict mandate, breakthrough cases are forcing the school to take drastic steps to keep students safe.

In the 6 days ending on September 25, 74 members of Harvard Business School’s faculty, staff, and student body tested positive for COVID-19. Of the positive cases, 81% were among graduate students. As a result of the outbreak, all MBA and first-year students will return to online learning starting October 3. Some second-year students will also take remote classes.

The outbreak is surprising to many, considering the vaccination rate is 95% among students and 96% among staff members.

The news comes as a new Israeli study showed people who were infected with COVID-19, and survived, were 27 times less likely than those who are vaccinated to contract the Delta variant. The study, which has not been peer-reviewed, seems to suggest that people with natural immunity have stronger defenses against the virus than those who received a vaccine. The study also showed that vaccinated people who also had natural antibodies “gained additional protection against the Delta variant.” Another study, published in the medical journal Nature in June, also showed that people who received the vaccine and had a previous infection developed “bulletproof immunity.”

As for Harvard, it’s unclear how long the university expects to keep the graduate students online.

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