Brian Stelter Gets New Role After CNN Humiliation

Brian Stelter Gets New Role After CNN Humiliation

( – Discovery took over CNN last year during a massive merger that included many other networks. The new boss, Chris Licht, began purging staff in order to take the network in a different direction. Among those fired was longtime chief media correspondent Brian Stelter — but now he has a new job.

On April 10, Stelter announced on Twitter that he has a new position at Vanity Fair. He claimed that he is going to be hosting a special edition of the “Inside the Hive” podcast about the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against Fox News. The former CNN employee said his series will be named “Fox on Trial” and come out every Thursday from now until the verdict is handed down in the case. He believes the trial will be about six weeks long.

Michael Calderone, Vanity Fair’s editor, tweeted his excitement about Stelter working for him. He said that he “couldn’t be happier” to have the former CNN anchor on his team to cover the upcoming trial. Calderone said Stelter will fit right in alongside his “stellar stable of media and politics reporters.”

Stelter worked for CNN from 2013 to 2022. He became known as one of the most partisan faces on the network that regularly attacked former President Donald Trump. When he was fired from his position and his television show, “Reliable Sources,” was canceled, he told NPR that it was a “rare privilege” to host the show. It was the longest-running program on CNN when it was axed. It had just celebrated its 30th anniversary, nine of which he hosted.

At the time of his firing, an executive at the network, Amy Entelis, said that Stelter came to work for them after working as a “top media reporter” at The New York Times, and when he left CNN, he was “an impeccable broadcaster.”

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