Bridge Crack Could Potentially Effect Entire Nation

Bridge Crack Could Potentially Effect Entire Nation

( – On Tuesday, May 11, two bridge inspectors called 911 after inspecting the I-40 bridge that spans across the Mississippi River, connecting Tennessee and Arkansas. The inspectors told 911 operators that police had to “get people off the bridge” because a through-and-through crack was discovered on one of its support beams. Now, there are concerns about shipping delays across the country.

The Hernando DeSoto Bridge is one of the main thoroughfares for interstate traffic in the country. Each day, goods travel along the Mississippi River to ports where they’re then put on trucks to be shipped to businesses and people each day. Now, traffic both on and under the bridge has come to a halt, which will likely lead to shipping delays throughout America.

Local 24 Memphis reported that “bridge fatigue” could be responsible for the massive crack. The bridge was built in the 1970s and an expert at the University of Memphis believes it wasn’t built to support the traffic that goes across it each day. The Tennessee Department of Transportation has said crews are currently inspecting the beam and will begin repairing it. No timeline was given as to when they expect it to open again.

This is just one example of the many infrastructure projects that are overdue for completion. If the Left would pass a true infrastructure package — one without their socialist pet programs — maybe we could get to work fixing things like this bridge before they become a nightmare.

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