Brighton University Advises Staff to Avoid the Term ‘Christmas’

Brighton University Bans Christmas Because It's Too Christian

( – Nestled along the southern coast of England, the University of Brighton educates around 20,000 students every year through its various schools and boasts a variety of diversity awards on its homepage. Yet, it seems those aren’t enough for the school. Its administration recently sent out a nine-page document asking its employees to refrain from using “Christian-centric” language.

Staff at the University of Brighton sent out an extensive document asking people to refrain from using stereotypes, generalizations, irrelevant descriptions, and language based on a specific religion to be more inclusive. According to The Daily Mail, the correspondence provided many examples of these phrases to avoid, including “a Muslim country,” “Christmas closure period,” and “The Jewish Community.”

Instead, the document asked staff to use phrases such as “a majority-Muslim country,” “winter closure period,” and “Jewish communities.”

The Freedom Association’s Andrew Allison told The Daily Mail that the guidance was “Orwellian and ridiculous.” In a statement to the news outlet, the school emphasized it hasn’t banned Christmas on the campus, and Christmas trees and decor abound. Instead, the suggestions are simply a push to help everyone feel “respected and valued.”

While the university won’t enforce the guidance, many disagree with the underlying intent. For some, it seemed like the latest push for universities and other major organizations to minimize Christmas during the holiday season.

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