BSA Adds Condom Requirements

BSA Adds Condom Requirements
BSA Adds Condom Requirements

You read that right. There is a new condom requirement for a Boy Scout event. The Boy Scout World Jamboree is just around the corner. It’s a time for Boy Scout members and leaders all over the world to come together – but this tidbit of news just might make you wonder what it is they’re doing. The organization released a statement suggesting that all locations must have condoms readily available and accessible to boys and leaders attending the event. “The Host [Organization] must ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants and [International Service Team] at a number of locations on the site.”

Key Facts

• Condoms – at a Boy Scout event? It seems strange, but evidently, the news gets even stranger. Other websites claim that certain locations will also permit alcohol on-site for leaders and children who meet their local age of majority.
• All of these changes start to sound like the Jamboree is becoming more of a wild Saturday night sex party than the wholesome meetup it’s meant to be. While sex education has its merit, and is an important part of growing up, it remains extremely questionable why condoms would be necessary at such an event.
• Some organizations are explaining the availability of condoms as a way to cater to boys who may identify as gay. Whether or not you stand on the side of gay rights, it seems much more sensible to simply disallow sex of any kind at the event rather than providing condoms.
• If “sex on the sly” is really that much of a problem, why are leaders not stepping up to provide better monitoring? The Boy Scouts enjoys robust leadership with plenty of volunteers; there’s no reason why they can’t have eyes on children at all times.
• Some have suggested the inclusion of alcohol and condoms is more about leaders, rather than children. The same logic applies: leaders should step up and spend that time being leaders, not partying away the night.