Building of Border Wall Continues

Building of Border Wall Continues

In December 2018, Brian Kolfage, a US Air Force Veteran and Purple Heart recipient, raised $25 million to help build part of the border wall between the US and Mexico. Last week Judge Keno Vasquez ruled that the 3.5-mile long private section of the border wall had to stop because it was causing “imminent and irreparable damage” to a 100-acre butterfly center.

That’s right, apparently, Judge Vasquez thinks the lives of some butterflies are more important than protecting our nation’s border. “The defendants’ conduct has demonstrated irreparable harm to [the Butterfly Center] since defendants have committed willfully, maliciously and with an actual and subjective intent to commit great harm to the plaintiff,” Vasquez wrote in his response to the case.

Kolfage has decided not to listen to the judge and has continued his efforts to get the wall built by January 15th.


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