Bush Lashes Out Against Trumpism

Bush Lashes Out Against Trumpism
Bush Lashes Out Against Trumpism

Former President George W. Bush recently went on the attack against President Trump, calling his politics “divisive” and “nationalism distorted into nativism.” Bush also accused the current POTUS of encouraging bigotry all throughout the country, something he himself was accused of when in office. G.W. Bush also asserted his belief that American politics seemed “more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.” This last point is something the President has agreed with many times; his outspoken refusal to back down on “fake news” has been a talking point of his Presidency.

Key Facts

  • Bush was the 43rd POTUS; Trump is 45th
  • The attack comes just days after a similar attack from John McCain
  • Both are current and historical Republican party members
  • Some naysayers see the speech as an attack on perceived “Trumpism”
  • Bush believes Trump is responsible for widespread bigotry

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