Buzz Aldrin Forced to Sue Children

Buzz Aldrin Forced to Sue Children
Buzz Aldrin Forced to Sue Children

Former astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, has made the bizarre move to sue two of his three children for slander and defamation. A third defendant, Christina Korp, who was Aldrin’s business manager at the time, is also named in the suit, which claims that Korp and the astronaut’s children conspired to engage in elder exploitation.

KEy Facts

• Aldrin is also alleging that both children engaged in “unjust enrichment” and “converting his property for themselves.” He claims the abuse he suffered at the hands of family members stretches back approximately 50 years, including recent slander and defamation.
• Part of the current suit centers on Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation, a non-profit focusing on the benefits of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) disciplines‍.
• Aldrin claims his son and Korp transferred nearly $500,000 out of the foundation over the course of a year, moving into a private business. Both of his children also successfully voted him off the board for ShareSpace, removing his ability to make decisions for the company.
• His children responded to the suit with a public statement declaring that they are “deeply disappointed and saddened” by the lawsuit. They claim that the current structure, including Aldrin’s removal from the board and the monetary transfers, were not only approved by, but suggested by, Aldrin himself.
• Aldrin’s children instead claim that their father has been beset by early dementia, and that he is unable to make his own decisions. They sought a court-ordered psychological evaluation for their father just last week, hoping to prove his inadequacies, which showed him to be reasonably competent.
• The astronaut will undergo a second evaluation later this week, which could prove that Aldrin is suffering from dementia. If so, his children may be granted full control over his decisions, his company, and his foundation.
• His accusation of slander and defamation stem from the fact that his children are claiming he is no longer competent due to dementia. In fact, the well-known philanthropist told the Wall Street Journal that, “Nobody is going to come close to thinking I should be under a guardianship.”