CA Seeks to Halt Cooperation With ICE, Deportation of Criminals

CA Seeks to Halt Cooperation With ICE, Deportation of Criminals

( – In 2017, California became a sanctuary state, banning law enforcement from cooperating with ICE. The Supreme Court refused to hear a case challenging the law in 2020, essentially upholding the status. Democrats are now trying to pass a bill that will further protect convicted criminals from being deported.

Earlier this year, Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo (D-CA) introduced the Vision Act (AB-937) to close loopholes in the sanctuary law. The lawmaker says her legislation will stop immigrants convicted of crimes who served their time from being transferred to ICE and deported. A poll conducted by the US Immigration Policy Center found 67% of California voters support the legislation. However, law enforcement opposes the bill.

The Sacramento Bee reported California Police Chiefs Association Vice President Chris Catren, who also serves as police chief of the city of Redlands, released a statement saying the legislation “goes too far and endangers all of our communities.” Carrillo hit back, accusing law enforcement of “race-baiting.”

The California State Sheriffs’ Association also opposes the bill. Nonetheless, Democrats are pushing forward with the legislation. Is that really a great idea when the US is already experiencing an immigration crisis?

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