California Anti-Gun Teacher Boots Student for Wearing NRA Shirt

California Anti-Gun Teacher Boots Student for Wearing NRA Shirt
California Anti-Gun Teacher Boots Student for Wearing NRA Shirt

Charlene Craig’s two kids both support the National Rifle Association (NRA). They, like many of us, believe that Americans should have the right to bear arms and defend themselves in nearly all instances. But it seems that the school both children attend, Lodi High School, doesn’t believe they have the right to free speech. Not only did they pull both kids out of their classes last week for wearing shirts that supported the NRA, but they also lectured them on why guns are bad.
So much for TEACHER’S ETHICS!!

Key Facts

• The t-shirts in question were not offensive, did not contain swearing, and did not contain any nudity, gang symbols, or anything else that could potentially be misconstrued. Instead, they were simple graphic tees with the American flag on the front, empty shell casings on the back, and the words “National Rifle Association” at the bottom of the back by the hem.
• Mother Charlene Craig was extremely upset after hearing that her kids were deprived of education for simply supporting the NRA. “I think he’s there to teach,” she said, speaking of the teacher who lectured her girls. “I don’t think he’s there to discuss his personal beliefs.”
• What is especially preposterous is that the shirts didn’t even contain an image of a firearm. While empty shell casings do fit in the back graphic, these shirts aren’t telling kids to go shoot up schools. They’re simply allowing them to express their feelings about a very responsible and public organization.
• Teachers are in schools to teach. They do have the right and the ability to intervene when students misbehave, speak inappropriately, or threaten other students, but simply supporting the NRA is being misbranded as offensive here. It isn’t offensive to believe Americans should have gun rights.
• Here’s the kicker: the school board looked into Craig’s complaint. Neither of the shirts, or the kids’ behavior, violated any dress codes or school rules. They advised Craig that the involved teacher would be reprimanded and re-trained on interpreting the dress code to prevent future issues.