California Bans Sale of Gas-Powered Vehicles Starting in 2035

California Bans Sale of Gas Powered Vehicles Starting in 2035

Democrats Vote To BAN IT – Another Virtue Signaling Mess!

( – On Thursday, August 25, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in 2035. Democrats want to move to zero-emissions automobiles because they believe it’s one of the easiest ways to reduce the state’s carbon footprint. Still, that could prove to be a frustrating endeavor for residents.

Gas-fueled vehicles will be gradually phased out in the state beginning in 2026, when regulations will require 35% of the new cars to be zero emissions. In 2030, the number will increase to 68%, then finally, in 2035, it’ll be 100%. That means there will suddenly be many more electric vehicles on the road, but can the infrastructure support them?

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) pointed out the California power grid is notoriously unreliable.

In May, state officials warned about potential blackouts as California headed into the summer months. Stanford University Civil and Environmental Associate Professor Ram Rajagopal told Yahoo! Finance as the state moves toward more electric vehicles, its power grid “may not be able to support it.”

Not only does the Golden State have a problem with its power grid, but it also has a different issue with charging stations. Electric vehicle owners have difficulty finding chargers that work at public stations. According to The New York Times, about a quarter of those in the San Francisco area don’t function properly.

Do you think California will be able to overcome its problems?

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