California Moves Forward With Trump’s Plan to Defeat Wildfires

California Moves Forward With Trump's Plan to Defeat Wildfires

( – Three years ago former President Donald Trump was ridiculed by environmentalists when he said the way to solve California’s wildfire problem was to clear out deadwood. Now Sacramento has quietly decided to spend $500 million – on clearing out deadwood.

When California suffered some of its worst-ever wildfires in 2018, President Trump pinned the blame on failure to maintain the state’s 33 million acres of forest. Liberals poured scorn on the idea, insisting that global warming was causing the devastating fires. They refused to allow brush cutting or controlled burns. Last year, Trump told Sacramento they wouldn’t get federal wildfire relief aid unless the state did some proper forest management; California refused, and wildfires killed 31 people.

Now, with minimal publicity, California has allocated half a billion dollars to forest management. Twelve-man maintenance crews are working through the state’s woods, sweeping flammable debris from forest floors and carrying out controlled burns. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) hopes the crews can clear a million acres by 2025 – leaving woodland that’s more attractive to hikers, and less vulnerable to destructive fires.

California conservation experts say this can’t be a one-time task. There has to be a constant effort to prevent dead branches and leaves building up in the state’s forest – just like President Trump warned three years ago. Imagine that.

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