California University Announces Segregated Ceremonies to Appease the Left

California University Announces Segregated Ceremonies to Appease The Left

( – Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment for any student. Families travel from across the country to watch their loved ones walk across the stage. It’s a joyous occasion for everyone — except in California, it seems.

On July 30, 2021, Chapman University will segregate its graduation ceremonies. The university is going to hold “cultural graduation celebrations” for the university-wide graduation ceremony. The students will be able to take part in a Black graduation, Latinx graduation, Middle Eastern graduation, and others.

Strangely, a ceremony for white people only is not on the list.

The school’s vice president for Student Affairs defended the segregated graduation ceremonies, saying they’re to honor students from “underrepresented communities.” Although, it’s not clear why the regular graduation ceremony wasn’t a celebration of those students as well.

Justin Buckner, the president of the school’s Republican club said that the people who claim they’re fighting so hard to end racism are the ones who are “unintentionally repopularizing it.” He explained there’s no separate ceremony for students who did well academically, but there will be because of the color of someone’s skin — and that makes him concerned for the future.

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