Camera Captures Man Doing This With the Flag

Camera Captures Man Doing This With the Flag

( – A veteran’s security camera caught a propane delivery man in Maine displaying unusual behavior with an American flag. The video shows the man trudging through the snow — to set the flag to rights is now going viral for all the right reasons.

David Price is a Gulf War Marine Corps veteran. He was out of propane ahead of a snowstorm, but Dead River Propane Company was unable to make the delivery before the storm hit. Price was out of town for work during the storm, so none of the snow had been removed from the dirt road leading to his home.

When he checked his security cameras, he noticed that the high winds had blown down the American flag that flies outside his house. Soon after, he received an alert from his security system, notifying him that the delivery driver had arrived.

It was then that he saw something he never expected to see. Price watched as 46-year-old Anthony Gagliardi, the propane delivery man, trudged through the snow to pick up the fallen flag. He dusted the snow from the flag and put it back in its proper place.

Price said Gagliardi’s efforts were “a great act of kindness and respect.” It’s worth noting that this inspiring incident happened on the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima.

We need more men like Mr. Gagliardi and Mr. Price as well.

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