Campaign Headquarters ATTACKED – Details Pouring In!

Candidate's Campaign Office Brazenly Burglarized

Candidate’s Campaign Office Brazenly Burglarized

( – Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) remains locked in a battle with Republican Kari Lake in the state’s gubernatorial race. Someone recently burglarized the Democrat’s campaign office, and it didn’t take long for the Left to accuse the GOP candidate of the incident.

On Monday, October 24, an unknown assailant broke into Hobbs’ campaign office in downtown Phoenix. Surveillance video showed a man walking around the building. He allegedly took an Apple computer mouse, an Apple keyboard, and a Nikon camera. The total value of the items was reportedly around $1,180.

After the break-in, Hobbs’ campaign released a statement claiming the secretary and her staffers had received hundreds of threats. It then made a wild claim blaming Lake because she has allegedly spread “dangerous misinformation.”

Lake expressed shock that her opponent would blame her or her campaign for the break-in and other threats. According to News 13, the conservative spoke at an event on Wednesday and said she couldn’t believe her opponent was making the accusations. Lake said she doesn’t know where Hobbs’ “campaign office is,” but she believes it’s probably “in a basement somewhere because that’s where she’s been campaigning.”

The police arrested 36-year-old Daniel Mota Dos Reis in connection with the burglary on Thursday after officers reportedly recognized him as a suspect in another break-in.

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