Can Trump Buy Your Vote?

Can Trump Buy Your Vote?
Can Trump Buy Your Vote?

Got strong feelings about Donald Trump? You’re not alone. While both sides have strong opinions, millions of people still remain intrigued by what he is actually saying and doing with his own money.
Big money donors and special interest groups have “bought” votes for decades. With the self-funded Donald Trump in play, he’s got one person to convince – and that’s you!
One thing is for certain, the guy appears to be the only candidate really shaking things up whereas the other candidates are seemingly bound by political correctness for fear of offending someone, including their grassroots and big money donors.
With Trump throwing out his share of thoughtless statements at times, still, it seems that many people feel he is saying a lot of what they are thinking. Voters want candidates who aren’t afraid to attack the establishment. Of course, because he is self-funding his campaign, he is running under the mantra of not being beholden to anyone and therefore can represent the people rather than big money donors.
If Donald Trump is truly that kind of a candidate he says he is (for the people) he’s definitely making a strong case for both Republicans and even some Democrats to vote for him.
While we are concerned that he may not be able to make change happen as easily as he thinks; however, we are hoping he has what it takes to fight for America. Even though he will likely have a House and Senate majority, there are many Republicans who may not support Trump’s agenda.
Those who say they will vote for Trump may have second thoughts when in the voting booth, and those who told pollsters they would never vote for Trump, may actually do so in the privacy of their voting booths. How many Democrats disappointed in Obama and Clinton may cross over and vote for a Republican, even if it’s Trump? On the other hand, some Republicans say they will vote for a Democrat before they would vote for Trump. It’s anyone’s guess how it will really play out.
Needless to say, the next nine months will be both entertaining and interesting.
Here’s what the UnitedVoice Reader have to say so far. Now that’s a close race!