Cancel Culture Could Destroy Democrats

Cancel Culture Could Destroy Democrats

( – The Democrats may have a date with the cancel culture. That’s according to two Princeton professors who wrote a scathing article on Thursday, July 16, about the state of the left-wing party and how it’s threatened by the cancel culture it’s responsible for creating. According to Professors Sergiu Klainerman and John Londregan, the movement may be the end of the Democratic Party.

Cancel culture has been building for years. It started by Democrats in the 1990s who decided that some behaviors, words, and thoughts were unacceptable. It began with boycotts and public shaming for saying, “Merry Christmas.” From there, it evolved as progressive Democrats started using identity politics to divide and conquer. They went after businesses, entertainers, historical figures, and generally anyone with whom the far-left disagreed. 

Since the murder of George Floyd, cancel culture has escalated dramatically as racial tensions have risen. In addition to defacing or destroying statues of Confederate leaders, people have also attacked the founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and even the musical “Hamilton.”

However, protestors didn’t stop there. They got Princeton to rename the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton because of the former president’s views on race. They are now trying to force Yale to change its name because its founder was a slave trader.

Klainerman and Londregan sarcastically asked if society should change the names of the months? July honors Julius Caesar, who was responsible for the mass killings and genocide of the Gauls. August is named after Caesar August and he owned a massive empire of slaves. 

What About the Democratic Party?

While Democrats are in denial of their historical racism that has led to much of the systemic problems in both the justice system and society, their history may be their undoing. Perhaps, they argue, Democrats should be canceled?

Klainerman and Londregan point out that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), lynching, poll taxes, and literacy tests for voting. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) gathered Japanese Americans and put them in camps during World War II. He sold their property and possessions for virtually nothing to their neighbors. Up until the late 1990s, Sen. Robert Byrd served in leadership in the US Senate for over 50 years; he was a recruiter for the KKK. 

The professors argue that Democrats have redefined themselves as the “champion of minorities, yet all too often when Democrats have held power, they have substituted identity politics for sound and effective policies.” 

For political gain, they have divided Americans on race, gender, and sexual preference. They lead virtually every major city in America, yet minority communities are in dire poverty and decay and are experiencing police abuses under the watch of Democratic Party leaders. While cities that Democrats lead struggle with out-of-control crime, they are now calling to defund police or, in some cases, eliminate police.

It’s worth asking — what do Democrats have to show other than resentment and division? What have they really accomplished?

Democrats and Communism

Klainerman and Londregan make the case that the Democratic Party has traded in “the traditional American values of personal responsibility, freedom of speech, and tolerance.” They have replaced those values with the values of communism. 

Comparing communist policy outcomes to those of Democrats, the professors said:

“The Communists thought they could achieve their professed goals of eliminating inequality by means of a vast, indeed unprecedented, array of education and ‘reeducation’ tools that were deployed in schools, universities, workplaces, and just about everywhere in society.”

Ultimately, the outcome of communist policies led to “an ugly spasm of ethnic and racial violence” when their policies failed.

The Ultimate Outcome of the Democrats Cancel Culture

Klainerman and Londregan argued that changing names of institutions and destroying symbols of history “is not the way to go.” They said their goals were to spread the light of hypocrisy of cancel culture and the extreme danger it presents to the future of America. 

They warn if the cancel culture movement persists, “then let the Democratic Party be the next to have its name swept into the dustbin of history.”

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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