Cancel Culture Targets Rock and Roll Legend

Cancel Culture Targets Rock and Roll Legend

( – Alice Cooper has been in the entertainment business for nearly 60 years. He’s no stranger to controversy. Recently, the rocker found himself in some hot water with social justice warriors after he made comments about transgender kids.

Just a Fad

Cooper recently sat down for an interview with Stereogum. During the conversation, writer Rachel Brodsky asked the rocker his feelings on gender identity.

The writer pointed out that in 1974, he was ahead of the time and gave “really forward-thinking responses to questions about sexuality and gender” when he said he believed everyone would be bisexual in the future. He also accurately defined things like pansexual and pointed out many men wear make-up and it doesn’t have any relation to sexuality. Cooper, himself, has been known to wear make-up and women’s clothing. Brodsky mentioned other rockers of his generation have made controversial comments about gender identity, including “calling gender-affirming care for kids a sad and dangerous fad.”

Cooper said that he absolutely believes some kids are transgender. However, he also expressed concern that some are just going through a “fad” by “claiming to be this just because they want to be that.” He went on to say that he doesn’t believe 6-year-old children have any idea what it means and adults are confusing them by saying that even though they are one gender, they can call themselves another one.

“It’s so absurd, that it’s gone now to the point of absurdity,” Cooper said. He ranted about the “woke” movement too, saying that he doesn’t understand who makes the rules and he thinks it’s “laughable.”

Brodsky pushed back saying she didn’t believe parents were pushing the idea, but were instead, just listening to their kids. Cooper went on to say that he thinks men are going to take advantage and walk into a women’s bathroom to assault them. He said that when someone is raped in one of the restrooms he thinks people will wake up and speak out.

Cancel Culture Comes Knocking

After the interview was published, the backlash began. The 75-year-old rockstar was dropped from a partnership with Vampyre Cosmetics. In a statement published on Instagram, the makeup company said that it would no longer be partnering with Cooper.

The cosmetics brand also spoke out in support of the LGBTQ+ community, saying it believes “everyone should have access to healthcare.” Those who preordered the makeup line would have their money refunded. The line launched on August 14, just weeks before the company dropped the star.

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