Candace Owens Goes on Racial Rant in Public

Candace Owens Goes on Racial Rant in Public

( – Candace Owens is a popular African-American commentator on the Right. She hosts a political talk show for The Daily Wire. She’s also very active on social media, and people know she gets into arguments. That’s what happened recently, but she’s facing a lot of criticism over what she said.

Juneteenth is a national holiday marking the date the final slaves learned they were free in America on June 19, 1865, more than two years after President Abraham Lincoln emancipated them. While black people across the country celebrated the holiday this year, Owens didn’t. She called the holiday “ghetto and made up” on Twitter and then sarcastically told everyone to enjoy it.

Twitter users responded to the Conservative by comparing her to white supremacists. They also pointed out that someone has designated all holidays. Other users pointed to the word “ghetto” and asked her why she chose that particular word to describe a holiday meant to celebrate the freedoms black people enjoy. Ghetto is often used to describe neighborhoods where African-Americans live. One user called her a “Klan-whisperer” and said she’s a “self-loathing, anti-Black weirdo” trying to feed her audience n-word alternatives.

On June 20, Owens mocked Twitter users for calling her previous post racist. She lashed out at black people, calling them “emotional silly putty [who] cannot take any criticism without crying racism.” She added that the majority of her podcast criticizes white people but said that “black people are soft, emotional” and suffering from BLM brain rot. Those issues all make them “cry like b**ches” when she covers a topic about black people.

Critics responded to Owens, telling her she seemed very defensive and saying her Juneteenth take was wrong. Despite the controversy, the Conservative pundit didn’t let it deter her from continuing to speak her mind on social media.

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