Candace Owens Wins Legal Battle in Defamation Suit

Candace Owens Wins Legal Battle in Defamation Suit

( – Kimberly Klacik, a former Republican congressional candidate in Maryland, sued Candace Owens in 2021. The lawsuit accused the conservative radio host of defamation. The court settled the case, and Owens came out on top.

On Wednesday, December 7, a Tennessee judge approved an agreement ending the legal battle between the two women. Owens had filed a motion to dismiss the $20-million lawsuit when Klacik suddenly decided to end the case. She originally filed it in Baltimore County Circuit Court, where she lived, alleging Owens caused her to lose a book deal and speaking engagements, but Klacik later moved the case to Tennessee.

The lawsuit stemmed from remarks Owens made in June 2021, alleging that Klacik had used illegal drugs, worked as a madame at a strip club, laundered money, and committed campaign fraud.

Klacik agreed to pay $115,000 for the legal fees Owens racked up during the 18-month court battle. Daniel Horwitz, Owens’ lawyer, emailed a statement to Law & Crime stating the lawsuit “ended as a complete and total win.” He went on to say he hopes other politicians will avoid filing similar anti-Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) lawsuits in the future.

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