Carjacker Shot With Own Gun After Attacking Las Vegas Woman

Carjacker Shot With Own Gun After Attacking Las Vegas Woman

( – Crime has increased across America since the beginning of the pandemic, creating dangerous situations for people. In Nevada, the number of violent crimes is on the decline. Still, a criminal situation recently forced one woman to fight for her life, and she prevailed.

On November 19, a woman and her friend had parked in North Las Vegas when suddenly a car pulled up and blocked them in. Masked men with guns got out of the vehicle and approached them. One of the men grabbed the female driver and yanked her out of the car. He then sat in the car and tried to start it but had trouble.

The carjacker in the driver’s seat set his gun on his lap while he tried to figure out what was happening to the car. The victim took the opportunity to grab the weapon and start to run. That’s when someone tackled her and began assaulting her. She used the carjacker’s gun to protect her life, shooting the person who tackled her. The other criminal began firing at her, but she managed to escape.

North Las Vegas police arrived on the scene to find a man in a mask lying on the ground. They attempted life-saving measures, but he was dead. On December 2, officers arrested 18-year-old Jaylin Morrison for his alleged role in the crime after learning the suspect vehicle belonged to his mother. He’s facing charges of second-degree kidnapping, attempted grand larceny of a vehicle, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and burglary with a deadly weapon.

Police have also arrested Jaylyn Mays and Derico Jackson, both 19 years of age, in connection to the incident.

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