Carlson’s Replacement Has Embarrassing First Show

Carlson's Replacement Has Embarrassing First Show

( – No matter how old you get, if you are lucky enough to have your parents around, there’s a possibility they will embarrass you. It’s one of the perks of being a mom and dad. Fox News host Jesse Watters found that out the hard way in his new time slot.

On Monday, July 17, Watters took over as the new primetime host on Fox News. He’s replacing Tucker Carlson, three months after his number one show was canceled by the network. Nobody has explained why Carlson was abruptly taken off of the air, but the most widespread theory is that it had something to do with Fox settling a lawsuit about election lies for almost a billion dollars.

That’s where Watters’ mom comes in. During his first show, Anne Watters, a Democrat who works as a clinical psychologist, called in to speak to her son. She congratulated him for his hard work and accomplishments, then issued a warning while taking a shot at Carlson.

Ms. Watters called her son “honey bun” and told him they have to “aim to have [Jesse] keep [his] job” by resisting the urge to “tumble into any conspiracy rabbit holes” and saying they didn’t “want no lawsuits.” Jesse Watters laughed while she was rattling on.

Watters’ mom also told him that his parents needed him to “be kind” and “do no harm.”

The new host has big shoes to fill. Carlson averaged more than 3 million viewers every night. When the host was removed from his time slot, viewership dropped to under 2.6 million people. That was 21% below what Carlson used to bring in. Watters will have to find a way to appeal to the audience that his former colleague had such a good relationship with after all of his years at Fox. Whether the new host will be able to rebuild those relationships remains to be seen.

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