Caught Red-Handed? National Archives Reveals Thousands of Biden Emails Using Fake Names

Caught Red-Handed? National Archives Reveals Thousands of Biden Emails Using Fake Names

( – Newly revealed government records could land President Joe Biden in deep trouble after a conservative nonprofit said they show he sent thousands of emails under false names. The messages were allegedly sent to his controversial son Hunter; now Conservatives want to know if — despite Biden’s repeated claims — they contain information linked to his job in government.

It’s no secret that, when he was vice president, Biden used at least three email addresses under different names to communicate with his son; the New York Post reported that in 2021. It looks like Biden was using the fake identities to evade rules on sharing official information with family members — for example, Hunter Biden’s laptop contained an email from Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Vice President Biden, forwarded by “Robin Ware.” The email was about Ukraine; at the time, Hunter was on the board of the notorious Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Now, a freedom of information (FOI) request to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has revealed that the vice presidential archives contain almost 5,400 emails linked to alleged Biden pseudonyms. The evidence that these are Biden’s email addresses is very strong; for example, one of his staff used to regularly send his daily schedule to “Robert Peters,” with a copy to Hunter. It’s unclear why nobody queried the vice president about having email addresses under a different name.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF), which submitted the FOI request, has filed a lawsuit asking NARA to release all the emails linked to Biden’s pseudonyms. They want to know exactly what Biden was sending to Hunter.

The president has always claimed he keeps a rigid divide between his political career and his son’s business dealings, but Hunter’s laptop suggests otherwise. If SLF can force the release of the emails, and they show that Biden was indeed passing official information to Hunter and intervening with foreign leaders on his behalf, that could finally push GOP lawmakers into starting the process of impeaching the president.

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