CDC 2019: Hiring Quarantine Specialists

CDC 2019: Hiring Quarantine Specialists

( – Our government isn’t exactly known for timely processing, so when one of their agencies does plan ahead, it’s impressive. In fact, anyone still waiting on their stimulus check could only wish timeliness was a consideration. Sometimes, when common sense prevails, you have to wonder what prompted action.

Then, you might go one step further and really start asking questions when Facebook’s censorship machine blocks out an image demonstrating those efforts.

It seems the CDC started actively seeking 19 Public Health Advisors (Quarantine Program) to fill roles across the nation as early as November of 2019. It’s true that many government offices start hiring around that time of year, as their fiscal budget rolls in, but we aren’t talking about an administrative assistant or other general position. This job focuses specifically on quarantines, something that wasn’t even a topic in the US until early in 2020.

Facebook Fact-Check hid the image. When you click to see the explanation: “Partly False: Dates are for when you can apply, not when the job takes place. The job is still open,” appears.

One interesting element is the original post didn’t say anything at all about the date. Oh well, maybe it’s all just a coincidence, right?

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