CDC Head Says They Want a “Reset”

CDC Head Says They Want a

CDC Confirms RESET – Look What’s Next

( – The CDC is not known for its speed. The health agency often takes a lot of time to analyze data before making decisions. That caused problems during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the director wants to implement a policy reset.

On Wednesday, August 17, Dr. Rochelle Walensky told the Associated Press she thinks it’s her “responsibility to lead [the] agency to a better place” in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. She told her staff to expect changes, including speeding up data releases. The decision came after criticism that the CDC doesn’t react quickly enough to public health threats, like during the spread of COVID.

Other developed countries quickly mandated masks, realizing the virus was spreading through the air. Yet, it took the CDC months to come to the same conclusion. Then its constantly changing guidelines created a high level of mistrust in America which helped contribute to the divide over how people should handle the virus.

In May 2021, a Harvard poll found only about half of those surveyed trusted the CDC “a lot.” The rest of them either only “somewhat” trusted the health agency or said they didn’t trust it all.

Other changes to the agency will include restructuring the communications office, creating a new executive council to set strategy, and establishing an intergovernmental affairs office to work with other government agencies.

Walensky realizes the CDC failed. POLITICO reported that in an email to staffers, she said the agency had prepared for a pandemic like COVID-19 for “75 years,” but when they had their “big moment, [their] performance did not reliably meet expectations.”

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