CDC Struggling to Track COVID Cases

CDC Struggling to Track COVID Cases

( – The CDC is one of the most well-respected scientific institutions in the world. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, critics have slammed the agency for its failures. Particularly, its inability to properly track virus data in order to respond efficiently to threats.

A new report by POLITICO highlights the failures at the federal health agency. Nearly two years into the pandemic, the CDC still can’t accurately track the number of cases in the country. States are using outdated systems that spit out incomplete data that’s not allowing the agency to get a complete picture of the spread of the disease. The problems with the tracking system are so bad that President Joe Biden is allegedly relying on international data to create policy.

While international data might allow the president to see what’s happening around the world, it doesn’t paint a clear picture of what’s happening in the US. In other words, he’s putting policies in place that are missing the mark. Eric Topol, a former board member of the COVID Tracking Project, told the website the CDC’s inability to track the information they need to fully understand how to get control of the pandemic, “is embarrassing.”

Not only do critics believe it’s embarrassing, but it could also be dangerous if the CDC doesn’t have what it needs to effectively respond to the Omicron variant.

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