Censorship of Conservatives has Trump Looking to Alternative Social Network

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Reddit.
What do all of these social networks have in common?
They’ve all been accused of pandering to the Left by allowing open censorship of Conservatives and anyone leaning to the right. In fact, just earlier this month, Facebook mass enacted a ban wave that ousted well-known figureheads like Alex Jones, Paul Nehlen, Paul Joseph Watson, and even YouTube’s famous Trump-supporting African-American team, Diamond and Silk.
Sure, some far-righters deserve to be booted because they break the rules (Alex Jones, for example, was well-known for pushing the line).
But all too often, platforms take the censorship too far in an attempt to pander to their largely Leftist audiences. This creates an echo chamber where only the Left gets heard, leaving conservatives crippled in their ability to reach a large demographic.
Now, Trump’s campaign manager wants to do something about it – and he doesn’t mean forcing existing platforms to change their policies. Instead, he and Trump believe the better option may be to find something more accommodating…
Something like Parler, a new conservative social media site that values allowing right AND left voices to have a say. And as Women’s March Sister Network shared, there’s already some fairly iconic people using the site.

This isn’t the first time Parler has come up in conversation; Candice Owens first posted about it on Twitter back in December of 2018.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, who fronts the Ingraham Angle, interviewed the site’s CEO, John Matze, on its efforts to close the gap. “It isn’t enough to highlight Liberal bias among social media giants,” she starts, “there needs to be a way to fight back.”

But an unidentified person from Trump’s campaign cautioned followers on jumping ship just yet. “It’s something he’s aware of and is checking out,” the official stated. “We don’t currently have a plan to make a big move to the platform.”
Still, the fact that Trump’s campaign is checking out other options is very telling. Could this be a sign that Trump is ready to start pushing for conservative voices on social media accounts? Voting with your wallet is very real; in the case of online sites, you have the power to vote with your clicks.
Let’s honor the truth – not just the narrative that sells best. United Voice stands for real voices with real opinions, and we believe other sites should, too.