Censorship, Puerto Rico and Dem’s Infighting

YouTube Censoring Christians

YouTube has officially banned Chad Robichaux, founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, from advertising across their entire platform. That’s not all that rare, of course, especially now, in the age of censorship…but it’s WHY he was banned that will really make you upset.

It seems Robichaux’s “dastardly deed” came down to using the word “Christian” in his channel name and video titles. That’s right – YouTube is now banning Christians simply for existing.

The US Marine veteran wanted to advertise an episode of the “Might Oaks show”, which interviews veterans and discusses topics concerning the veteran community. To boost the ad, he included the keyword “Christian.”

Shortly after submitting the episode, received an email from Google that said using the word Christian is “unacceptable content and a potential policy violation.”

YouTube now officially belongs to an “elite” list of social media sites actively trying to erase Christians from the internet – not to mention limiting their freedom of speech.

Puerto Rico’s Next Governor

Now that Ricardo Rossello resigned his position as the governor of Puerto Rico, it’s time for local citizens to look toward the future. There are a few contenders for the position, but perhaps none so beloved or supported as Justice Secretary Wanda Vazquez.

There’s just one problem: she doesn’t want the job.

Vazquez told Twitter on Saturday that she has “no interest in occupying the position of Governor.” It remains unclear who will take over when Rossello officially leaves.

Pelosi and AOC Meeting

Infighting among the Dems has been at an all-time high, lately – and some of the worst offenders are Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). After weeks of public jabs between the two public servants, they decided to meet and hash things out.

If you thought it would turn into a hilarious catfight filled with the Left eating their own, you’ll be disappointed. Instead of announcing what they actually discussed, or even if they worked out any of their disagreements, they decided to join forces and complain about President Trump’s tweets.

The fact that Dems can only come together in hate shows just how weak their party really is right now. But we do know just how much the Left loves to unite i n hate against Trump, right?

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