Census Results a Big Win for Republicans

Census Results a Big Win for Republicans

(UnitedVoice.com) – America is changing — and quickly. It seems obvious considering the current state of the political environment. However, people aren’t just making themselves heard with their vote. They’re also letting their feet do the talking.

Every ten years, the US Census Department conducts a counting of the population as required by the Constitution. There are 435 House seats divided among the states based on population. Now the 2020 results are in, and it’s a big win for Republicans in low-tax states that are thriving. As a result, the Democrats’ ultra-razor thin margins in the House are in serious jeopardy in 2022. That may explain the rush to get through as much left-leaning legislation as possible before their window of opportunity closes permanently.

Who Are the Winners and Losers?

The winners are largely in the sunbelt states. Texas is America’s second-most populous state, and it just grew larger by 4 million new residents since 2010. Many came from states like California and New York, looking for a higher standard of living and less taxation. Texas will pick up two House seats for a total of 38 representatives. Only California is still larger.

Florida was the next big state to gain. It’s the third most populous state, and now it’s even bigger thanks to a gain of 2.7 million new citizens. The Sunshine State will add one new House seat for a total of 28.

Other states to add House seats include Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Speaking of California, while it’s still the nation’s most populous state, it’s losing population and political influence for the first time in its history. The state will go from 53 to 52 representatives in the US House, losing one seat. It’s little surprise that in addition to California, the other states to lose political influence include Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Of the seven to lose seats, Ohio and West Virginia are the only typically red states impacted.

What Does It Mean?

In Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, the GOP-controlled legislatures will determine how to use their newfound fortunes using reapportionment. The state legislatures use the census data to redraw district lines, and Republicans will likely draw districts that benefit themselves. It’s called gerrymandering. In 2019, the US Supreme Court ruled that federal courts cannot stop states from the practice.

Currently, House Democrats only have a three-seat advantage. Analysts expect that numerous Democratic incumbent moderates could lose elections in 2022. Combined with the redistricting, the GOP has a major advantage heading into the midterm elections.

Expect the Democratic-led House and Senate to try and do as much damage as they can over the next 18 months. Let’s hope Republicans can limit the casualties until the reinforcements show up. Then it’s off to 2024 to end the nightmare of Joe Biden’s presidency.

It could happen if Conservatives do their part and vote in upcoming elections.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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