Chicago Murder Rate Cut in Half, Thanks to AG Barr

Chicago Murder Rate Cut in Half, Thanks To AG Barr

( – A new law enforcement initiative effectively reversed Chicago’s surge of violent crime and murder despite initial push-back from the city’s Democratic Mayor.

The Department of Justice launched a coordinated law enforcement initiative named Operation Legend on July 8, to reduce the recent surge of violent crime in American cities. Named after four-year-old shooting victim LeGend Taliferro, the program supplements local and state law enforcement efforts with federal officers and resources.

Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot initially rejected the notion of having federal law enforcement officials operate in the city. However, faced with skyrocketing violence and rising murder rates, she eventually relented and welcomed the support.

Attorney General William Barr discussed the operation’s success during a September 9 press conference in Chicago.

As AG Barr explained, the numbers speak to the success of the program. The first 7 weeks of the program saw a drop in murder rates of 50% compared with the 5 weeks preceding the program’s launch.

The program is operational in a total of nine cities with the Department of Justice charging nearly 600 defendants with federal crimes so far. Additionally, federal officers seized 587 firearms, more than 17 kilos of heroin, 75 kilos of methamphetamines, and about $5.2 million in drug money.

Great things can happen when local officials cooperate with the Trump administration’s efforts to reduce violent crime and murder. It’s time for other Democratic-led cities like Portland and Seattle to welcome the operation to their towns.

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