Chicago Sees Shootings Rise in Just One Night

Chicago Sees Shootings Rise in Just One Night

( – A fresh wave of violence swept Chicago on Friday night, with at least 21 people shot – 3 of them fatally. Meanwhile, the city’s “woke” mayor focuses on gun control and other political stunts.

A violent week in Chicago culminated in a frenzy of shootings, with at least 21 people shot from Friday night through Saturday. Three of the victims are dead, several others are in serious condition and, as of Sunday, none of the assailants were in custody. So far this year, Chicago has seen over 1,700 shootings despite having some of the strictest gun laws in the US. That’s a 19% increase over the same period in 2020. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s answer to the complete failure of gun control is, of course, more gun control.

Lightfoot has acquired a reputation for anti-white behavior. In May, she sent a letter to Chicago journalists telling them that on the second anniversary of her inauguration she would only grant interviews to non-white reporters – a move that pushed the National Association of Black Journalists to warn, “NABJ’s history of advocacy does not support excluding any bona fide journalists from one-on-one interviews.” Lightfoot has also worked to undermine law enforcement; she claims she doesn’t support defunding the police – but last year she slashed $80 million from the Chicago PD budget.

With 300 murders so far this year – more than the entire UK, which has a population of 68 million – the last thing Chicago needs is weaker policing.

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