Chief Justice: Disorder in the Court

Chief Justice: Disorder in the Court

( – The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is John Roberts Jr., who was appointed to his position by George W. Bush in 2005. At the time, he was a putative Conservative, but as of late, the decisions he’s been a party to have called his political leanings into question.

In 2012, SCOTUS ruled in a case regarding Obamacare and the individual mandate that upheld the law in a 5-4 decision. Some reports at the time indicated Chief Justice Roberts made a last-second switch from aligning with the Conservative justices to writing the majority opinion with the Liberals. 

An article that came out concurrent with the ruling said it “seemed strange” and his “reasoning was incoherent.” Another report pointed out that in his writing for the winning side he called the opinion written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as “the dissent” which indicates it was in opposition to his. Other times, he’s sided with the Liberal court members include:

  • Blocking President Donald Trump’s executive order which would’ve supplanted the order inventing an immigration exclusion for minor children.
  • Forbidding a question on the 2020 Census forms asking if a person is an illegal alien. 
  • Striking down a Louisiana law requiring abortion doctors to have privileges at a nearby hospital in case of emergencies.

Roberts’ fairly recent drift to the Left has caused some to wonder if he is a closet “Never Trumper.” If that happens to be true, it might bode ill for what’s sure to be a contentious run-up to the November presidential election where it may lie squarely on the shoulders of SCOTUS to decide critical issues.

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