Child Abuse Ring Exposed in Arizona Foster Care System

Child Abuse Ring Exposed in Arizona Foster Care System
Child Abuse Ring Exposed in Arizona Foster Care System

Most Americans realize the foster care system for the vast majority of states leaves much to be desired. Tales of children bounced from home-to-home, physical abuse, and sexual molestation run rampant throughout the system. Now, one allegation from Arizona is revealing just how deep those stories may go. Foster parent and former Department of Defense Commander, David Frodsham, is accused of not only abusing children within his care, but also of running a pedophilia ring. Frodsham allegedly utilized the children he was supposed to protect to service himself and other individuals collaborating with the organized crime ring.

Key Facts

• How Frodsham ever became a foster parent is beyond the comprehension of most experts. The man was discharged from duty after a series of events that led to the diagnosis of a personality disorder, which psychologists labeled “unalterable.” This was a direct result of what at least one lawsuit called “sexual harassment behavior.”
• One person, who has since aged out of the system, is claiming that he, too, suffered at the hands of the Frodshams. The man (who is not being named to protect his privacy) claims he experienced sexual, physical, and emotional abuse while in their care. He has filed a $15 million lawsuit against several officials from the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) and the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES).
• Another little girl, who was not even 10 at the time she lived with the Frodshams, was allegedly raped repeatedly before the situation unfolded. She was later moved to a new foster home, where her foster mother purposefully scalded 80 percent of her body with boiling water. “Devani” was forced to endure amputations of toes on both feet as a result of the abuse.
• John Doe is also claiming that DCS and CPS were both aware of the abuse, but chose to turn a blind eye to it. It wasn’t immediately clear whether they were directly involved in the ring or simply refused to become involved.
• Arizona currently holds the record for the most children removed from their parents per capita in all 50 states. Removals rose by up to 80 percent in just the last 10 years alone, and continue to rise slowly over time.
• In contrast, national rates for apprehension have actually dropped by nearly 22 percent over the last decade. Experts estimate that nearly 420,000 children are in the system at any given time throughout all states. Around 20,000 come from Arizona alone. That’s nearly 5 percent of the entire CPS volume.
• Abuse in the foster care system is unfortunately not new. In Arizona, nearly 84 percent of children are removed as a result of neglect. Often, those children are placed in homes that not only neglect them, but also physically, sexually, and mentally abuse them or exploit them. This has many questioning Arizona’s high rates of apprehension and whether they may be taking children from parents unnecessarily.