Children Experiencing Side Effects From Mask Rules

Children Experiencing Side Effects From Mask Rules

( – Agencies and researchers have released numerous accounts and reports centering around the effects of COVID-19 restrictions on children over the past two years. Potential problems include speech delays and diminished communication skills. A series of reports from the UK’s Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) now suggests kids may suffer delays because of yet another standard pandemic behavior: mask-wearing.

On April 4, Ofsted released a series of three reports relaying their findings from approximately 280 educational institution inspections. They specifically focused on facilities that served the needs of younger children between infancy and two years of age.

Ofsted’s reports suggest that notable delays occurred in areas of speech and language. Their data also shows the number of referrals from these facilities for external help rose sharply, exceeding the recorded pre-pandemic rate. Ofsted noted that children improved after attending programs to help get them back on track.

Several providers also noticed babies failing to respond to facial expressions, which were often covered with masks in response to governmental mandates. Stagnated communication skills led to decreased confidence, which further hindered social skills. School closures then exacerbated the effect.

Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman offered insight into the future, saying, “it’s clear that the pandemic has created some lingering challenges.” She feels these are likely to continue into primary school and beyond. That could force some schools to hold kids experiencing delays back.

While the studies were carried out in the UK, that doesn’t necessarily mean the results don’t translate out to America’s children. It’s entirely possible that mask mandates affected children in similar ways right here on home soil.

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