China Announces Sanctions on 28 Trump Administration Members

China Announces Sanctions on 28 Trump Administration Members

( – Former President Donald Trump took a hardline against China while he was in office. He told the American people that he was sick and tired of the Communist country taking advantage of America, and went about fixing that. Now, the Chinese government is punishing officials who worked for the 45th president.

On January 20, the day Trump left office, China announced it was imposing sanctions on 28 former US officials, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The Chinese foreign ministry released a statement saying the decision to punish the Americans was a direct result of “a series of crazy moves” that “interfered” with the Communists’ interests, internal affairs, and “offended” its citizens.

Basically, China admitted the Trump administration’s policies were effective, and now that he’s not in office, they’ve hit back. The right thing for Joe Biden to do would be to demand the Chinese government stand down and stop attacking former US officials. The chances of him actually standing up for Americans is another story. We will keep you updated.


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