China Destroyed US Aircraft Carrier in Disturbing Simulation

China Destroyed US Aircraft Carrier in Disturbing Simulation

( – Tensions between the United States and China have continued to rise in recent years. The communist nation is angry over America’s relationship with Taiwan. The Chinese military recently held war games and simulated an attack on a US Naval ship, destroying it.

Chinese War Games

China held a simulation recently that showed what would happen if the USS Gerald R. Ford were to approach Taiwan despite warnings from the Chinese government to stop. In the activity, the military waged 20 battles with the American battleship. They were allegedly able to sink the vessel by shooting it with anti-ship hypersonic missiles. Over the course of the attacks, they reportedly fired 24 of the weapons.

The country’s reported success in sinking the USS Gerald R. Ford was considered a major win. The American battleship is equipped with multiple features that have earned it a reputation for being an “unsinkable” ship. For example, it has multiple layers of armor and a system that detects incoming threats. However, the Chinese military’s simulation featured a complicated three-wave attack intended to outsmart the ship’s defense systems. Eventually, they were able to destroy nearly every surface of the massive vessel.

A researcher who was involved in the war games said the simulation results could serve as a deterrent. Ultimately, they said the understanding that the Chinese military is allegedly capable of sinking the American vessel might help the communist government to “build trust” with “other countries in the region, which could contribute to greater stability over the long term.”

Taiwan Conflict

The United States has a longstanding one-China policy. It essentially means America doesn’t recognize Taiwan as an independent country even though they are obligated to support the island’s security under the Taiwan Relations Act. In recent years, China has expressed a desire to force Taiwan to unite with it, whether that happens voluntarily or by force.

Former President Donald Trump expanded relations with Taiwan. That exacerbated tensions with China. When President Joe Biden took office, he maintained Trump’s Taiwan policy over the Chinese government’s objections.

US officials have visited Taiwan, and their president has come to the US. American soldiers have trained troops on the island to prepare them for a possible invasion. President Trump’s and Biden’s administrations have also authorized the sale of billions of dollars of weapons to the Taiwanese government.

Experts believe the Chinese government could authorize an invasion of the island at any time in its attempt to “unify” its nation. If that happens, the Biden Administration has repeatedly pledged to help Taiwan defend itself. That makes the recent simulation even more worrisome.

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