China Flexes Muscles — Thinks We Aren’t Looking

China Flexes Muscles -- Thinks We Aren't Looking

( – While Americans face-off over racial tensions and deal with the COVID-19 pandemic still holding the country in its grasp, China continues to take advantage of it and increase its aggressive stance in other parts of the world. Units from their People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had an altercation with the Indian Army, which saw 20 of its soldiers killed in the disputed border area in the Himalayan mountains.

This has caused widespread protests around the Subcontinent country demanding a boycott, if not an outright ban on goods from the Communist regime. China, as is their wont, is taking a contentious attitude and warning the Indian government that they should put a stop to the idea. It has been noted that any escalation between the two nations could become problematic for the rest of the world as they both have stocks of nuclear weapons.

Added to this, Beijing has been building up a military presence and probable intelligence-gathering post in the Bay of Bengal on Great Cocoa Island, which is less than 700 miles off the coast of India. The Red Nation has also been constructing and fortifying man-made islands in the South China Sea which they claim as their own sovereign territory along with the nation of Taiwan.

The United States appears to be embroiled in what may end up being its Second Civil War, but neither the populace nor the government can afford to ignore the rest of the globe. Because whatever the country looks like at the end of the conflict, America is still going to have to deal with her enemies who won’t be shy about initiating widespread military conflict.

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