China Predicts What’s Next For Joe Biden!

China Thinks Biden Will Get Impeached Soon

China Thinks Biden Will Get Impeached Soon

( – The midterm elections haven’t delivered everything Republicans were hoping for, but after all the results are in, it looks likely the GOP will gain control of the House. Now, a Chinese propaganda outlet is predicting the House will quickly move to impeach President Joe Biden.

On November 9, Global Times, a tabloid and online newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), printed an op-ed predicting the Republican Party would move quickly to impeach Biden if it takes control of the House following the midterm elections. According to the opinion piece, the GOP wants to impeach Biden as “payback” for the Democrats’ “weaponized impeachment” attempts against former President Donald Trump.

Writer Wang Qi claims Republicans have already identified several reasons to impeach the president, including his catastrophic pullout from Afghanistan, the migration crisis at our southern border, and his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

Global Times isn’t the only media outlet predicting that Biden faces impeachment. CNN has also speculated on it. Still, the Global Times piece is significant because it’s a CCP mouthpiece, meaning if that outlet is discussing an impeachment attempt, the Beijing regime has directed the move.

The real question here isn’t about the GOP’s motivation; what does China want?

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