China Promises Retaliation Over US Arms Sale

China Promises Retaliation Over US Arms Sale

( – On Wednesday, October 21, the US State Department approved an arms deal with Taiwan worth roughly $1.8 billion. The Chinese government is apparently not happy about it.

China’s defense ministry issued a statement on Thursday night, demanding the self-governed island cancel the deal with the US. The Communist government has claimed the country as its own, even though Taiwan rejects that status.

The Chinese government said if Taiwan doesn’t cancel the deal, there may be “serious repercussions for relations between China and the US.” Also, the Communists are threatening to disrupt “peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

President Donald Trump is unlikely to take the threats from the Chinese kindly. The Communist government is guilty of many atrocities, one of which is allegedly failing to notify the world about a virus that has killed more than 220,000 people in America. The administration has made it abundantly clear through sanctions, and other actions, it won’t back down from China. These threats will undoubtedly strain relations even more.

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