China’s Military Is Planning to Sabotage Elon Musk, Report Reveals

China's Military Is Planning to Sabotage Elon Musk, Report Reveals

Elon Musk Sabotage Plan Revealed – It’s China’s Military!

( – The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is no fan of Elon Musk’s SpaceX or its sophisticated network of Starlink satellites, according to a report from Newsmax. China considers the low-earth-orbiting constellation of US-based tech a threat to its national security and its draconian way of life. The CCP has so many concerns that the Chinese Air Force reportedly has a plan to disable Musk’s extraterrestrial devices.

Why Are the Chinese So Concerned?

Rick Fisher, a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, lays out the reasons for China’s apprehension of Musk’s existing network of 2,000 satellites and his plans to add 10,000 more. According to the report, Fisher believes China sees Starlink as a clear and present threat.

First and foremost, Starlink will be an independent internet China can’t control. Its authoritarian government has spent decades controlling the flow of information to its people. Starlink could give them the ability to connect to a signal the government can’t control.

Second, and nearly as important, is the now-historical use of Starlink in war, after the world watched Ukraine’s people and military use the network to its advantage against Russia. China may believe the same could come true should they decide to invade Taiwan.

Starlink satellites are also lighter and less costly to put into space. As a private company, Musk’s ability to control costs could spill over to a US Military system that would be easier to replace if destroyed by an attack.

What Might China Do?

Geopolitical analyst Brandon Weichert said knocking out satellites is one of China’s main objectives in a hypothetical war with the US. Musk’s systems are smaller, cheaper, and simpler, making them far easier to replace than bulky government satellites, designed to pack as many features as possible into each square inch.

That may not sway them from something as extreme as a missile strike, which could cause significant disruptions in the network and send debris flying toward other units in the chain. Follow-up attacks during network repair could cause serious issues. For a technologically advanced country such as China, cyberattacks are also a significant concern. Musk’s systems carry the best cybersecurity possible.

China is also developing ground and space station-based lasers that might disrupt or destroy satellite networks. So, while Elon Musk and Twitter dominate the news cycle, the Chinese are more interested in what goes on behind the scenes … and over their heads.

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