China’s Secret Locations Revealed in United States

China's Secret Locations Revealed in United States

( – The Chinese government is under fire for an extensive covert operation that spans the globe. United Voice recently told you about the arrests of two Chinese nationals and investigations into dozens more relating to a police station in lower Manhattan. New reports indicate more stations may have been located within the US.

In 2022, Safeguard Defenders, an advocacy group based out of Madrid, revealed the Chinese police department in lower Manhattan. Agents of the Chinese Communist Party reportedly used the location to go after dissidents and carry out other missions for China. The New York Post reported the organization may now have identified 10 other locations across the US where similar operations are taking place.

According to The Post, the locations include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and cities in Minnesota and Nebraska. There’s also allegedly another station in New York City.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) issued a statement on Twitter demanding answers. He said the US needs to take action against the Chinese Communist Party.

A spokesperson for Safeguard Defenders told The Post that they found four locations listed by China public security authorities. Then, they “flagged an additional four overseas Chinese service centers” that China’s United Front Work Department allegedly set up.

Federal prosecutors recently announced charges against 59-year-old Chen Jinping and 61-year-old “Harry” Lu Jianwang. The two men were accused of operating the police station in Manhattan for the Ministry of Public Security (MPS). Authorities charged the suspects with trying to obstruct justice by destroying text messages between themselves and their MPS handlers. They were also charged for allegedly conspiring to act as agents for China’s government.

Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen claimed the Chinese government established a secret presence in the Big Apple to “monitor and intimidate” those who are critical of the country’s government.

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