Chinese Commander Reports New “Battleground”

Chinese Commander Reports New

( – The Cold War between the US and Soviet Union lasted a staggering 4+ decades, spanning from the late 40s to the early 90s. While a cold war typically transpires with propaganda and political action, it can also include indirect war by “proxy” when surrogates for either side decide to get involved.

The question now is whether or not the US is about to enter yet another Cold War era, this time with China. Zhou Bo, a retired Chinese colonel, believes this is the case. He also believes the entire European continent will be in some way involved — and that China is already, in some ways, winning the war.

Inflammatory Op-Ed

Zhou Bo explains in his op-ed thatChina has sought to expand its influence across the world, including in Europe. Currently, most of America’s biggest allies are there, including the majority of the most powerful NATO countries. However, China remains the continent’s biggest trade partner. If China and the US were to get involved in such a conflict, European nations might be forced to pick sides.

How Does Europe Feel About China?

On April 6th, President Xi traveled to Europe for a trilateral meeting with France and the European Union. Foreign Policy called this meeting and others examples of how divided European leaders are when it comes to Chinese policy.

The previous month, Von der Leyen gave a speech to the Mercator Institute for China Studies and the European Policy Centre and slammed the Chinese government. She said the country is “becoming more repressive at home and more assertive abroad.” For that reason, she explained the European policy of “reform and opening” had to return to “security and control.”

The United Kingdom also has a strained relationship with China. Most recently, the UK has warned the communist country about expanding its military and harassing foreign nationals.

While the former commander might think that China has the upper hand, it seems as though it’s just more hyperbole. At this point, there doesn’t appear to be much to support allies in Europe completely turning their backs on the US.

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