Chinese Interfering: Where’s the Outrage?

Chinese Interfering: Where's the Outrage?

( – After the 2016 election, Democrats in Congress demanded and initiated multiple investigations into Donald Trump and his campaign to determine if there was Russian collusion. Hundreds of millions of dollars later, the report stated the obvious: it didn’t happen.

While there was no collusion with Russia, there is growing proof that China is meddling in US affairs both domestically and internationally.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, China is using an old Russian playbook to strike out at the United States. They are using social media to spread disinformation and propaganda to spread unease and fear, undermine the US’s reputation, and deflect attention from their own failures and corruption.

Have the Social Media Giants Learned Anything?

After the 2016 election, Facebook, Twitter, and Google said they learned their lesson and would do all they could to prevent a foreign actor from using their platforms to influence US voters. It appears they didn’t learn anything — or they are ignoring what’s happening.

Over the last few months, China has falsely alleged that the US created COVID-19 and planted it in China as a weapon. They released videos in Arabic that hold the US responsible for the spread of the virus in the Middle East. At the same time, they sent medical supplies around the world in an attempt to portray themselves as the good guys.

However, they never bothered to tell anyone that some of the supplies were knowingly defective or that they were hoarding supplies while denying the virus was spreading inside China.

Now, Republicans in Congress are investigating concerns that China is being allowed by social media giants to influence Americans without oversight or warnings. At the same time, the companies are censoring conservatives, among them the president of the United States, on their platforms. It’s a double standard that Republicans are having a hard time accepting.

Investigators Apply Pressure

Republicans in the House Foreign Affairs Committee are applying pressure to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to kick Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials off the platforms. If the Chinese can easily post and distribute propaganda, what’s to stop them from interfering in the 2020 election? This is especially the case if social media companies sent the message that it’s a free space for foreign actors, but not conservatives.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) led the committee’s investigation. He said the CCP is weaponizing American social media companies through the promotion of fake propaganda. His solution is simple — kick them off the platforms.

Interestingly enough, Twitter has been the toughest on President Trump of the social media companies. However, it’s also the most abused platform by the Chinese. McCaul said Twitter complied with the investigation, but refused to remove or identify any content identified as propaganda by investigators.

While Democrats screamed about Russian interference for three years, to this point, they’ve been silent on China.

Will they wait to say something after the election if Trump wins? Probably.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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