Chinese Military Tells Elite Troops “Prepare For War” Against US

Chinese Military Tells Elite Troops

( – The Chinese communist party is rattling its saber again after a US warship showed the flag in the Taiwan Strait. The destroyer sailed through the strait on Wednesday, October 14, making a legal passage in Taiwanese waters – but Beijing’s aggressive dictatorship launched one of its regular tantrums, with Premier Xi telling communist troops to prepare for war.

Chinese Territory Grabs Stoke Tension

USS Barry, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer attached to 7th Fleet, passed through the 110-mile Taiwan Strait on Wednesday afternoon, provoking outrage from the Chinese communists. Beijing, which refuses to recognize Taiwan’s democratic government and insists the island belongs to mainland China, routinely protests US ship movements in the area.

When Barry made her run through the strait – her third this year, following two transits in April – Chinese forces in the region were placed on alert. People’s Liberation Army spokesman Zhang Chunhui “sternly urged” the US to end “trouble-stirring statements and moves” and issued veiled threats about protecting China’s “territorial integrity.” Meanwhile, Premier Xi, who toured a PLA marine base near the strait on Tuesday, ordered communist forces to “maintain a high state of alert” and focus their “minds and energy on preparing for war.”

Beijing is pushing an expansionist policy in the South China Sea, building military bases on disputed islands and claiming “territorial waters” far beyond what international law allows. The US Navy and British Royal Navy regularly run “freedom of navigation” operations, sailing warships through waters illegally claimed by China.

On October 9 Barry’s sister ship, the USS John S McCain, sailed near the Paracel Islands. The Paracels are claimed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam, but China has attacked Vietnamese boats in the area and is building military bases on the islands. Chinese forces ordered McCain to turn away from the Paracels and to leave the area, but the 9,000-ton missile destroyer ignored them.

US Supports Taiwan

On Monday, President Trump approved three arms deals with Taiwan. After congressional approval, the deals will supply the country with mobile artillery rockets, reconnaissance pods for its F-16 fighters, and long-range land-attack missiles. Taiwan also wants advanced drones, anti-ship missiles and naval mines – all weapons that could be used against an attempted Chinese invasion.

US Indo-Pacific Command dismissed Beijing’s complaints on Thursday, saying, “The U.S. Navy will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere international law allows.”

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