Chinese to Show off New Missiles

Chinese to Show off New Missiles

China will soon be holding a parade to mark the Communist Party’s 70th year in power.

The parade is likely to show off the country’s ever-expanding arsenal of high-powered weapons. One of these weapons, the Dongfeng 41 (DF-41), is a nuclear-capable missile that can reach the US in half an hour. China’s current main missile, the Dongfeng 31 (DF-31), can reach the US but not as quickly.

Other weapons expected to be on display during the parade include a robot submarine and a supersonic drone.

The People’s Liberation Army will also be taking part in the event, with 15,000 expected to show up. The PLA is the largest military in the world with 2 million men and women enlisted. The parade will exhibit 160 aircraft and almost 600 other pieces of military equipment.

Although satellite photos show that China may have doubled their number of DF-31 and DF-41 launchers to 36, the US is still way ahead of China when it comes to nuclear weapons. It’s estimated that China has 280 nuclear warheads, which is nothing compared to the 6,450 that the US has, making us second behind Russia, which is believed to have 6,850.

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