Chris Christie Called Out For Horrible Record After He Bashed Bidenomics

Chris Christie Called Out For Horrible Record After He Bashed Bidenomics

( – The first Republican primary debate took place on August 23. Former President Donald Trump did not attend, leaving the other candidates with the opportunity to make a splash. It appears former Governor Chris Christie did, but for the wrong reasons.

During the debate, Christie slammed President Joe Biden’s economic record. He said that he would work to convince the American people that the GOP’s economic policies are what’s best for the country. He then pointed to his record as governor as proof that he could sell the ideas to the American people, saying that he won two terms in a state that traditionally votes for Democrats.

“We cut taxes in New Jersey, we cut debt in New Jersey,” Christie declared.

However, the governor’s record wasn’t all rainbows and daisies. Fox News moderator Bret Baier pointed out that New Jersey’s credit rating was downgraded 11 times while he was governor of the state, impacting $37 billion of debt the state held.

According to reports, the governor’s failure to fund the state’s pension system properly, its weak budget, and the $1.1 billion in lost revenue because of Christie’s estate and sales tax cuts all contributed to the downgrades.

Christie had more credit rating downgrades than any other governor in the history of the US. While the governor is trying to paint a rosy picture now, the state was incredibly poorly managed. He was regularly criticized for doing things to benefit himself and his family, like the time he and his family enjoyed a beach to themselves after it was closed to the public during a government shutdown.

Christie later appeared on CNN and complained about the debate moderators. He said he didn’t think they had the stage under control, claiming to be disappointed that the moderators didn’t get involved more. He said the Fox anchors’ failure to exert more control led to a situation where there was no “focus on the debate during large portions of it.”

It appears Baier focused on Christie’s record without issue.

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