Chris Christie DESTROYS John Kasich Following DNC Speech

Chris Christie DESTROYS John Kasich Following DNC Speech

( – On Monday night, August 17, former Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) endorsing Joe Biden. Hours later, he was destroyed by Chris Christie.

Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, called Kasich a “backstabber” and “an untruthful guy,” and said he was “exhausting” to work with.

And, Christie wasn’t the only one attacking Kasich. President Trump also joined in on the fun, saying that it was easy to beat him when he ran for president. Trump told reporters that Kasich was a “major loser.”

For his part, Kasich says he’s still a Republican. He just believes that he’s putting his country and his values ahead of his party affiliation. That’s what he says, anyway.

To most Republicans, though, including Trump and Christie, Kasich is a sellout and an opportunist. He’s trying to make himself look like some kind of leftist hero by attacking the president and praising Joe Biden.

The Democrats can have him.

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